Best Laptop For Music Production Reviews 2022

1.Apple MacBook Pro 15in Core i7 2.8GHz

The MacBook Pro is the perfect machine for professional use. The new 15-inch 2.8 GHz Retina display features Intel Core i7 to handle even the most demanding applications seamlessly and include NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M with 2 GB of dedicated GDDR5 mobile graphics memory will deliver a fast, responsive experience on all that you do with Apple’s own high precision touchpad to make navigation an intuitive process and advanced technologies such as Thunderbolt ports for lighting-fast data transfers, wireless connectivity options like 802.11ac Wi-Fi Bluetooth 4.0, two USB 3.0 port gives you plenty of options to keep everything within your devices connected and ready for action while stylish narrow design made of durable aluminum makes it perfect device that can be taken around at all times.

One of the best things about this laptop is that it has an amazing battery life, lasting for up to ten hours of web browsing fun and music making even while traveling without weighing too much or taking too much space in your backpack! So if you are looking for a great multimedia device to make music with, this machine might be just what you need.

  • Amazing battery life
  • Stylish narrow design
  • Best gfx card
  • Expensive

2.Microsoft Surface Laptop 2

Sleek, sophisticated and striking, the Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 epitomizes everything from its clean, elegant design to its captivating display. Stripped of all gimmicks and focused on giving you what you want when you need it, this is a laptop that will work with whatever lifestyle you lead — from creating memories at home or getting down to business on your commute. With up to 14 hours of battery life and new 8th Generation Intel® Core™ processors inside, including a 95W ultra-thin power supply option in select models so for those moments when power matters most there’s no trade-off between portability and performance. The optional integrated graphics means even more freedom because now playing games is possible without the use of dongles.

The Intel® Iris™ Plus Graphics 640 is a powerful integrated graphics chipset that delivers smooth performance without sacrificing battery life, all for an unbeatable price point. Surface Laptop 2 can now run popular PC games like League of Legends ® and Overwatch ® at playable framerates with settings cranked up – on integrated graphics! With this added power users can now enjoy smoother gameplay in their favorite titles out of the box. The perfect combination of size and speed means you’ll experience fast boot-ups, a fluid user interface and speedy application load times thanks to the PCIe NVMe SSD.

One thing that really sets this device apart from most others is its 4K display! This is standard on most other computers but because this uses the latest in display technology, it has been able to create a screen with incredible color and resolution that makes it easy to make your own music videos.

  • Thin & lightweight
  • 4K display
  • Not long lasting


3.DELL XPS 15 – 9550 I5 6300HQ 

The DELL XPS 15 – 9550 I5 6300HQ is designed for people who need a balance of power and mobility while still staying light and thin. The display has ultra-wide viewing angles, which ensures that you will be able to see the screen from almost any position without the quality decreasing substantially. This powerful laptop features NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M graphics with 2GB GDDR5, this means that running games is an easier task than ever before. Reaching up to full 4K resolution with InfinityEdge touch on video streaming sites such as YouTube or Netflix comes with ease when using this device. There are 8 GB of DDR4 SDRAM and 256 GB NVME SSD storage onboard, meaning that there will be plenty of room for files, applications and even games. One of the best things about this machine is its battery life, when it is fully charged you can expect to enjoy up to 10 hours of web browsing fun!

  • display is Thin and light
  • 4K display
  • Excellent sound card
  • Poor webcam placement
  • Very High price

4.HP ENVY 13-13.99 Inches Thin Laptop

The all-new HP ENVY 13 is a marvel of innovation with its stunning display, sturdy and lightweight design, and built-in features designed to keep your data safe. Not only will this laptop last you for years to come but it also fires up in no time thanks to the latest Intel Core i7 Processors. With 8GB of RAM memory you’ll be able to multi-task like never before. All that power doesn’t have an effect on battery life either! You’ll get up to 12 hours*! Dedicated graphics card means robust performance for those times when you need it most. Should the unfortunate happen, rest assured that HP’s got your back with their Bios recovery feature, which checks the health of your system at boot up and restores your PC to factory settings if it encounters a problem. This laptop is also very light considering it boasts such powerful hardware, weighing in at only 3.9 lbs!

  • Thin & Light
  • Built-in DVD drive
  • Good graphics card
  • Battery life can be better
  • Average sound card

5. Razer Blade Pro 17 Gaming Laptop 

The Razer Blade Pro 17 packs world-class PC gaming performance into the thinnest and lightest gaming laptop in the world. With up to 2 TB of SSD storage available, you no longer have to compromise on speed or capacity while working on go-pro projects or crushing your opponents with killer strategies. Plus, our individually customizable RGB mechanical keyboard offers fully per-key backlighting for style that is as powerful as it is beautiful so you can personalize each touchpoint just the way you like.

The Razer Core X for desktop graphics upgrade opens up new ways to unleash top level video editing or creative workstation performance when connected right from your computer desk without breaking a sweat – experience truly high frame rates and zero lag anywhere anytime. And take full advantage of the power from your desktop graphics card and always play on!

  • Great CPU and GPU options
  • Very Powerful
  • Very High price
  • Poor webcam placement

Things to consider before buying Laptop For Music Production


1- CPU

The first and most important thing is the CPU (Central Processing Unit) – You need something with at least i5 or higher than that, i7 will do when it comes to speed. I will not recommend anything below i3 because its been proven time and again that the lower the number of cores in your processor, chances are you’ll be having a laggy experience. It’s also worth noting that quad-core processors tend to be faster than dual-core processors when it comes to producing music without many interruptions.

2- RAM capacity

4GB or 8GB should be enough if you’re just starting out as a producer, depending on how much plugins you’re planning to run. If you want your laptop to be able to handle more plugins, go for 8GB of RAM.

3- Storage capacity

I recommend getting an SSD over HDD because its speed is far greater and it doesn’t wear out with time like HDDs do. You’d want at least 250 gigs if not higher to store some projects, samples and all other media files.

4- Screen size

The bigger the better really but don’t expect slim displays in laptops made for music production as they are usually thicker than regular laptops due to their dedicated hardware such as high capacity memory card slots or GPU (Graphic Processing Unit).

5- Battery life

Think about how long you can run without an outlet and how comfortable you feel with it. Nothing kills the vibe like having to look for a power source in a busy music festival or gig so I’d say get something that runs at least 5 hours.

6- Portability

Some producers prefer being able to carry their laptops easily, this means getting lighter models which are usually less powerful but still good enough for its purpose.

7- Built quality

Many producers tend to be on the move a lot and usually have their equipment thrown around here and there for transport, so don’t settle for cheap plastic made stuff as they will most likely break very fast. If you’re getting one with high RAM or HDD capacity then make sure its protected by something durable such as aluminium/steel coverings.

8- Connectivity

Are you planning on connecting your laptop to other devices such as a MIDI controller or speakers at some point? This could be useful if you need an extra audio port, USB slot or even a display output.

9- Software

Don’t forget to check if the software that comes with the laptop is something you are comfortable using and not bloated with tons of features you’ll never use. Always check it out before purchasing anything.

10- Price

Make sure you get value for money, don’t overspend just because its got all the features you want but consider investing in something cheaper with less options that still gets the job done plus think about resale value when looking at prices.

11- Warranty

Many producers tend to throw their laptops around a lot, check for one with a good warranty if you’re planning on going to music festivals or gigs.

12- Noise

There are people who need something silent, avoid noisy fans and get something that runs silently most of the time. Think about avoiding laptops with dedicated graphics cards because they can be quite noisy.

13- Ports

Make sure it has all the ports you need such as USB slots/outputs, card reader slots, headphone jack or anything else you could need.

14- Webcam

Do you use your laptop as a webcam for Skype? If yes then find out if it has one or get a screen that flips over to act as a webcam while performing live.

15- Touchscreen

Some producers prefer using touchscreen laptops, this makes swiping easier when looking through media directly on the screen instead of reaching out to the touchpad.

16- Graphic card (GPU)

Not useful to most but some people do want the ability to edit images in photoshop without lag and/or watch videos on higher settings.

17  Type of display

There are four types of display available in laptops nowadays: IPS (In Plane Switching), TN(Twisted Nematic), VA(Vertical Alignment) and OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode). The best one by far is IPS due to its high colour accuracy, decent contrast ratio and wide viewing angles. If you can get a laptop with an IPS display then do it. Most of the other displays are alright but they usually have low contrast ratios, some people don’t mind that though.

18- Extra features

This could be something as simple as dedicated keys for controlling your music or software to recording audio directly from the screen if you plan on doing voice overs or tutorials in the future.

19- Software provided

Does it come bundled with any software? Some brands like to bundle their laptops with extra software that you may not need.

20- Popularity

Find out what other producers use and see what they think about it. At the end of the day, its up to you if you want a laptop with all these features or not but I find some useful like extra USB slots as my MIDI controller doesn’t have one(I hate reaching for the touchpad).

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